Opera Rocks 2.0

Divorce sucks.

After 3 years of separation and 23 years of a modest return on the investment, I am relieved to say life can finally start again.

Greetings! I just wanted to mark the day. A new beginning and a thankful restart to the practice. My (thinning) hair may be shorter, but here’s my promise: Here at Opera Rocks you’ll get the same irreverent and too-truthful look into role development, artistic process, and behind-the-scenes drama, on to the final product as we expose ourselves in front of the audience. On every other page on this site, you might get marketing, but on this page you’ll only get the naked truth.

I think we diminish our art by making it only palatable or only visually interesting. I think we lessen it’s impact when we pretend opera is mere escapism. I also fear the onslaught of ‘realism’ within its context, of too much time spent working on your body mass index, and not enough time immersing yourself in refined and educated choices. Opera has always been synthesis, not the latest homage to yet-another-cultural reference (i.e. a movie).

I have no problem with glitz and glamor or some PR firm focus-grouping your public personae within an inch of it’s life. But for me life is too short. Time is precious. Our words must be like our craft: truthful and transparent. There may still be room for pretense onstage, but there’s no more place for it behind the curtain.

So join me! Follow along and share the page. I’d encourage you to express yourself freely and pitch in when you have a thought or two.

Divorce might suck, but there is transcendent light and hope ahead.

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