Parsifal Castellucci

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La Battaglia di Legnano 2




Staatsoper Stuttgart Spielzeit 2009/2010 RICHARD WAGNER PARSIFAL Premiere 28.03.2010 Musikalische Leitung Manfred Honeck Regie Calixto Bieito Bühne Susanne Gschwender Kostüme Mercè Paloma Licht Reinhard Traub Chor Michael Alber Dramaturgie Xavier Zuber *** Local Caption *** Gurnemanz Stephen Milling / Johann Tilli Amfortas Gregg Baker Parsifal Andrew Richards Klingsor Claudio Otelli Kundry Christiane Iven Titurel Matthias Hölle 1. Gralsritter Heinz Göhrig 2. Gralsritter Mark Munkittrick Vier Knappen Yuko Kakuta, Diana Haller, Torsten Hofmann, Hans Kittelmann Blumenmädchen Julia Borchert, Petra van der Mieden, Tina Hörhold, Yuko Kakuta, Agata Wilewska, Michaela Schneider


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    This post is an expanded form of a lecture I gave at Mediterranean Opera Studio in Greve (Chianti), Italy 26 August, 2015. Intro Yesterday I attended Vlaamse Opera’s Klassiek in de Stad, an outdoor concert the opera company gives every year to introduce the coming season’s repertoire. It’s a lighthearted, fun time with a comedian […]
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